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Written, directed, produced, and edited by Lindsey Haun

Cinematography, Color and Visual Effects by Phil Holland –

Starring Lindsey Haun, Sara Carter, and Mike Payne as The Haun Solo Project

Featuring Jake Olson as Husbear and Jim Bray as Scarlet

Crazies: Toby Bryan, Jack Bennett, Christian Schmook, Jimmy Haun, Vanessa Juarez, Amanda Fuller, Sarah Ault, Naomi Duben, Chelsea Bayouth, Sheridan Irwin, and Amanda Alvarado

Crazy Dogs: Onyx, Yaya, George Bailey, Rocky & Cody, Trixy, Kenya, and Teddy

Executive Producer: Nick Roth

Produced by Amanda Fuller –

Catering by Juliet Haun

Hair by Sarah Ault –

Make-Up & Special Effects Make-Up by Lindsey Haun and Amanda Fuller

Still Photography by Thomas Ruel

Camera Assistance, Equipment Providing, and All-Around-Good-Guyness by Quimby Melton –

Straight Jacket Dress by Sheridan Irwin –
Bear Puppet by Toby Bryan
Lindsey’s Mask by Chelsea Bayouth
Paper Birds by Vanessa Juarez
Oven Sink by Saxon Brice –

General Art Department: Jim Bray, Sarah Ault, Toby Bryan, Jeannette Fuller

Security by Bob Fuller

Some help with $ by Mark Maccora

Additional General Help by Adam Cohen, Tommy Keiser, Jacob Seldes, and Nick Risher

And a very special thanks to Frank and the fine folks at East Jesus, Slab City!


Music and Lyrics by Lindsey Haun
additional music by Jimmy Haun

——You’re addicted to being offended
i cant say 3 words without you attacking my intention
you’re addicted to complication
and it’s all i can do to avoid the situation-

your schizophrenic infatuations
are sensational and it’s driving me ballistic
I’m just being honest, you’re catatonic
when i need you most your mind is free from logic-

and, honestly, it would drive ANYONE crazy to be close to someone like you like this
you’re incredibly hard to make happy and then you get to call me psychosis
and your friends, they call me psychosis
well at least i owe mu psychosis to you!–

I know I’m addicted to independence
and i don’t comply when you demand participation
in your sadistic experimentation in relations between a man and a woman

-(repeat CH)-

Take cover ’cause I’m about to lose it
all women are crazy
and I’m about to prove it
I thought you were a man at first
it seems you had us fooled
i thought it was my fault at first
then i realized you were just being cruel
and you will always be cruel
and i don’t want to be crazy anymore–

you’re addicted to being suspended in a world where you don’t do anything wrong
well, I’m just being honest, in the world of injustices,
this was a big one

-(repeat CH)-

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